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The Whole Pregnancy Brain Thing


My husband has always told me that my brain is one of his favorite things about me. My ability to store huge amounts of information, how I can make some of the craziest connections from anything (smell, sound, single words, location, etc), even photographic memory. It’s something that has always been something I could rely on. He told me he always wanted to harness my brain power to change the world. It felt like a weird episode from Pinky and The Brain, but there you have it my brain treasured by the man that got me pregnant. 😉

Pregnancy brain is very common knowledge. On some scale, every pregnant woman will deal with it. Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. You can try different mind games and apps to increase brain function, but in my experience, I think anything I use to better my brain is going straight to our baby. So baby better come out a genius!

I want to share my personal experience with Baby Brain or Pregnancy Brain. Yes, I have tried to put our container of salt into the freezer. Yes, I have forgotten my thoughts as I am saying them. Have you ever watched the episode of the Office where Michael admits that at times he starts talking and just keeps going hoping he finds his point. Both thumbs are pointed right at me. I’m not wanting to make a list. I want to share a descriptive story of what it is. What we as women go through.

I don’t have a fog. I don’t have anything right now, it’s all blank!

The other day, my husband and I were talking on the phone on his way home from work. He battles depression and is currently in the process of changing medicines, so it’s tough for him to focus, to stay attentive, to really anything right now. As we are talking he tells me, “Do you know when you are driving in fog, and you just can’t make out what you are seeing? That’s what I feel like right now.”

My heart went out to him because he is highly active and a hard worker, for him to not be able to grasp things is huge for him. My Response… “I’m sorry love but I wish that were my issue… I don’t have a fog. I don’t have anything right now, it’s all blank!”

Baby Brain can be almost amnesia as in how it works. Sometimes it’s a fog but most of the time for me it’s just not there. There is nothing to reach out for; knowledge I have once had is just gone, half of my vocabulary is just missing.

A great example is an attic. You go into the attic to get something out of a box you put there. You get into the attic go to the place you sat the box, only it’s not there. You see the outline in the dust where the box once was but there isn’t a box there anymore. I know right where my thought is stored, I know everything surrounding the thought, I just do not know the thought itself, it’s gone.

I have learned that if I think of something I have to do it right then. I cannot put it off. I will obsess over details and keep bugging people about things (mostly the baby shower right now) because if I don’t do it as I am thinking about it it will be lost forever.

Please be patient with yourself or with a loved one dealing with the baby brain. I’m told it won’t get better but I’m hoping these are just the people who dealt with a mild case versus my amnesia styled baby brain.

Do what you can to remember things. Send a text to yourself to remind you. I can’t tell you how many texts I have sent to someone just because I hit send and then remember another thing I needed to tell them, and repeat, repeat again, and again. I’m not joking! Most of my text conversations boil down to about 10 messages from another person and about 30 from me. I also have taken up chanting. Whenever I need to do something but I can’t at that exact moment for whatever reason, I will chant what I have to do for about 5 minutes. It’s worked too!

*Please Note: In no way am I downplaying the severity of Depression, it is a serious illness that millions battle on a daily basis. If you or someone you know battles any type of mental illness please seek aid from a medical professional.

Are you dealing with Baby Brain? How bad is it for you? What tips or tricks do you use to remember things? Please share with the rest of us!

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