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5 Simple Ways To A More Organized Home

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I can’t tell you how often I fall behind in my housework!

I love a clean organized home. It’s so welcoming and you can always just relax. The past few months I have had some pretty crazy things happen that has completely thrown me off my game.

First, we found out we are expecting our first bundle of joy! Exciting I know but that first trimester can be brutal in so many ways! ( If you are curious of all the brutality just check out my posts about pregnancy)

Second, I lost my job! Eeek! I know that means I should have more time to devote to the house but we decided it was time to launch my blog! We felt that this was forcing me to stop dragging my feet and jump in fully! So all my spare time has been prepping my blog and researching how to make the most of it!

Third, we are just trying to get our heads back above water from a rather rough 2017. The emotional, mental drain makes any effort on our parts seem insane! We are worn out before really starting anything.

Fourth, people in our lives keep us way too busy! Our friends and family have to set plans with us a month or two in advance. It’s probably the thing I dislike most about our lives. We have no real downtime. As God as my witness, I will change this!

Fifth, we are looking to move in the next month! A two bedroom apartment just doesn’t cut it when you have visitor’s staying with you often, work from home, and a new baby! While it will only be to a 3 bedroom apartment, it’ll be a huge help! *Update: We are staying in our 2-bedroom apartment! EEK!

If your life is even half as bad as mine is when it comes to just not getting to the housework then this simple list I have found to be most helpful will hopefully, point you in the right direction!

    1. Find a Good Routine- Each night right before bed, I load the dishwasher and wash out the french press for the morning! In the morning I start the kettle, take out the dog, prep the french press and a cup of hot tea for myself, then I just pick up the living room so the remotes are all in their place and the blankets are back on the ladder. You can find a ladder just like mine by clicking the picture below. Then my husband leaves for the day and calls me on his way to work for our daily Bible study. I sip my hot tea as I read a chapter or two and we discuss it. It gets me jump started in the right direction for the day. Now if I can only add making the bed into this routine!

  1. Speaking of making the bed- MAKE YOUR BED EVERY DAY! Studies have even shown that making your bed each morning triggers your brain into waking up! Huge bonus if you are like me and struggle to wake up sometimes. Also starting the day being tidy I have found makes me tidy in all area’s of my day. If my bed is made and the curtains and blinds are opened I feel instantly refreshed and look around the house for ways to make every room feel refreshed.
  2. Do a load of Laundry a Day- ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! I suck at this! Even now I look up and I have towels in the dryer that have been there since Monday, it’s Thursday, & I have just washed the whites for the second time. Then I have two more loads sitting in the hampers in the kitchen! (As I said 2 bedroom apartment, no room in the laundry room for the hampers and myself).
  3. Run the dishwasher daily- Coming from this pregnant woman you are doing everyone who steps into your place a favor! Those smells permeate the entire house. Also, your home will always look dirty if you have dishes piled or even just sitting in the sink. Clean the dishwasher out in the morning and load it throughout the day. At night start the baby up to clean while you sleep!
  4. And lastly- Have a place for all the mail that comes in. Beyond easy, I know. We will have about a pile a week because if it doesn’t look important we won’t open it right away, then a few days later that pile will get moved to the office to pay the bills and another pile begins! It’s crazy how just having a set place and making opening each piece of mail immediately will drastically organize your home!

Now I get a lot of you are going to look at this list and think I do most of those or several of those. I’m just adding that doing all of these will improve your home and lifestyle so much! Good Luck everyone! Please let me know any simple solutions you have that I might be able to use in my place! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

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