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Hacking the Baby Shower Invites

I’m not sure about everyone reading this, but I am definitely not made of money! Sadly, I’m also really picky. When it came to my Baby Shower I have some amazing friends and an awesome sister who wanted to throw the shower for me. While having four great women coming together to throw this shindig; they aren’t made of money either, unless they are keeping it a secret.

Everything I was looking up for a baby shower invites itself was so stinking expensive! I couldn’t even approach my friends with these invites. If I wasn’t willing to pay that amount you better believe I wasn’t going to ask someone else too! So, instead, I got inventive.

Allow me to explain. At my old job, I helped in the Catering Department, and I was introduced to Avery. Avery can be an amazing tool or the devil. It was a lot of trial and error figuring out how to navigate the system, getting exactly what I want out of their templates. If you don’t have an Avery account, you can sign up for free! Super great in my case.

Before I go into how to create a gorgeous Baby Shower invite I want to do a price break down, between the cheapest online (created, printed, and shipped) option, and the self-made exactly what I want option.

A great tool I use online is Shutterfly. They really are great, and outside of Etsy, they are the best option I have found for printed invites. When it came to pricing they were my closest competitor.

Expensive Shower InviteShutterfly invites were going to cost me about $140 for: 50 invites, envelopes, printed front and back. Free shipping with their online code at the time. It seems like a great deal, and is, I’m just cheaper than that.

I decided to search online for my ideal invite for the Baby Shower. I love simple, elegant, and neutral. I found a beautiful invite without all the extra and went along with the theme that had been decided on Tea Party. (So what, I am super girly too and love tea! We are also announcing the gender at the shower so the theme is completely open to whatever suits me.)

I decided I could make it on Avery and just order the cards, envelopes, and just print out my invites. My total cost… Invites: $17 for a box, 100 pack. Book Request Cards: $9 for a box, also 100 pack. Envelopes: I found an old box with about 150 Natural Vellum 5×7 Envelopes. So free! 2 Sheets of 20 Stamps: $30. Click on the pictures for similar items.

All together for a grand total of……… $56! that is for 100 invites and book cards! The largest price came from the stamps which are not even included in the total for the invites I’d have someone else make for me. I may even splurge and buy return address labels from Shutterfly. Or just make them on Avery as well!

Now that I have done the rundown of the cost let’s go into making a great invite using Avery.com…

You can sign up for free, so if you haven’t make sure to do that. Step #1 search for a template you want to use. I chose 8386. It’s a 4×6 card. You can choose a different card but for the sake of writing this, I’m using the one I picked. You can then select to start designing, pick an orientation, then make sure to choose a template they already have. As long as it is close to what you want to achieve you won’t have an issue.

Orientation for Shower Invite

I have tried the design your own and ran into problem after problem. Mostly with the text boxes; they never want to change the font style so I abandon them and typically pick this style.

Basic Design for Shower Invite

Step #2. I’ll delete everything except one thing. I move it off the card and begin designing my own using the photo of the invite I like as a guide; changing fonts, and writing and even images to create my perfect invite. My images are usually pulled from google. I make sure there is no copyright of course.

What I did for my Invite

Back of Invite

If you notice I added the angled lines to make uniform cuts after they print to create the tea bag look. I also included a view of the back. That is a bit of a trick. You have to go through to the printing stage to make sure you have the correct top and bottom before printing, then adjust accordingly. If you don’t need the back then you won’t need to worry about it. I just had an extra piece of information I wanted to add.

Step #3 The second set of cards were the business cards that I just use to create my book request. Using the same principals I mentioned above, I’ll show you the template and how I changed it.

Book request Card

When adding an image you want as a watermark, or transparent you do all of that while adding the image. Just scroll down in the taskbar and you will see the transparency scale. You will just have to decide what percent transparent works for you. For the back of my invite and the book card, I chose 65% so that nothing could distract from the writing.

Transparency Tip

Here are some photos of the printed copies. Aren’t they amazing? And again, super cheap! Yeah, I took hours to create this, but to me, the price more than makes up for a little extra time spent.

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You can use these templates for any kind of invitation as well! Bridal Shower? Wedding Invite? Birthday Party? The options are endless. You just need to make sure you purchase the same pack of cards as the template number.

The only thing I haven’t found on Avery is an envelope template.

Please contact me if you have any other in-depth questions about creating your own invites. I’ll answer anything I can! Good Luck with creating your own beautiful invites and announcements!

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post
contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in
a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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