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Parenthood, Prenatal

My Newest “Joy” In Pregnancy

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Nausea, Parenting, Parenthood, Trimester, Baby, Bump, Illness,
Pregnancy Bump

So I have developed a new issue in my pregnancy. This is something I haven’t heard of on this level before. Well until now that is. I’ve had a slight issue with indigestion popping back up which didn’t surprise me. I have also read about women who have had to begin sleeping differently due to their size and comfort level. Again this wasn’t unknown and I didn’t think anything of it.

Let me elaborate with a  non-fun, slightly graphic story of my night the other night. You’ve been warned.

My husband and I were curled up on the couch watching a movie together for our anniversary. The pillow I was laying on began affecting my allergies so I needed to sit up. After I was vertical I began to feel queasy. I figured it must just be the allergies affecting my equilibrium. My husband suggested switching to lay the opposite way to allow me to be comfortable and to wrap a pillow in a blanket to provide some protection from allergies. As soon as I lay on my right side I felt ill. I cramped and tried to breathe through it. Within minutes I was moving as fast as my pregnant body would allow and went to the bathroom. I ended up just needing to use the bathroom and we then finished the movie. We went to bed with me still not feeling all that good. I fell asleep fairly quickly.

I was surprised when I woke up to my mouth full of saliva. I swallowed and learned that it wasn’t saliva. It was bile. Again I made a fast exit to the bathroom and sat down waiting to be sick after just swallowing that. I cleaned my mouth out and rinsed when I didn’t get sick and decided that I wasn’t going to sleep laying down and take the chance of vomiting while asleep again. I stacked pillows and slowly fell back asleep sitting up.

The next morning, after I told my husband and he freaked out that I could vomit while asleep; I took to the world wide web, aka Facebook, and asked my mom friends for answers. As it turns out laying on your right side makes it super easy to allow gastric juices up the esophagus. I fell asleep on my left side but I was lying on my right side when I first felt ill. Secondly, out of my small personal group of friends, three has or is suffering from the same thing.

Each woman just describes it as discomfort, or indigestion but these three ladies have said they have dealt with the being sick and not being able to sleep reclined. They have also suggested Tums as their best friend, my OBGYN has also backed this information saying to use it if needed, to try and catch those elusive Z’s. One mother suggested a more organic route of Ginger Tea before bed. I’m not typically a fan of straight Ginger Tea but I’m willing to try anything, and I prefer a more organic approach to calm this sick feeling. Click on the picture for a direct link to the brand I’m trying out.

The more I search for the crazy things that have happened to me, the more I’m finding that they are being downplayed by mothers everywhere. I’m not sure why this is; maybe they forget once the baby is here, or they feel they have to present this strong Wonder Woman facade. Sorry, but that isn’t me. I’ll give you the truth. We also shouldn’t be afraid to ask. With my anxiety I can’t be afraid to ask, I’d put myself into an attack if I tried to hold it all in. I for one want to support mother’s everywhere in whatever they experience, and if my truthfulness helps one mother, not freak out over a symptom then I will be one happy camper.

Please let me know if you have experienced anything like this before! I’m trying the things suggested but I am always open to trying alternatives and other ways to help. As always thanks for reading!

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