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How to Create the Perfect Gallery Ledge

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Gallery walls are all the rage right now.

There are so many different types and styles to galleries. I have a friend that for years devoted a whole wall to any new pictures she had. She would buy the frame that suited her at that moment or that the photo was given to her in. She hung it up on the wall. It was a beautiful display of family and loved ones but very hodgepodge. She knew it but also knew the price tag to make it all uniform. I have another friend who is a photographer. She loves the canvas prints and made a straight line gallery in her dining room of her children. All different sizes an shapes but all on canvas. My sister in law just took the photos themselves and lined the baseboards of her apartment with all black and white versions of her friends and family. She had more elaborate plans for the photos but she didn’t have frames and didn’t want to put holes into the apartment walls. I have a small gallery. All the frames are the same wood color but I made the varying sizes and shapes mixed to create a grouping on the wall. I loved it for years. Not so much anymore.

Gallery, Art, Photography, Black and White,

Styles for galleries come and go but the truth remains that most people love them to an extent. I love vintage, and lifestyle family photos. I adore random pieces of art mixed in to show our interests. My new plan is the stacking of the ledge gallery. I can find parts of my plan but each one I have found has always fallen short of my idea.

In other posts I have said staging is bad, decorating is good. I think this is one of the most pivotal parts to recognize in creating a gallery wall. We have pictures of my husband and me when we were married, a beautiful photo of my husband playing guitar, some truly lovely photos of my grandparents when they were younger than my husband and myself. My husband loves to play the guitar, and loves computer technology. I love plants and greenery, maps, and patent prints. We love God and our dog. Our home is largely neutral with gray’s, cream’s, and plants.

What does all this have to do with creating that perfect Gallery Ledge? A ton!

Every gallery ledge I have found is filled with all family photos, which is wonderful don’t misunderstand me, but we want people to grasp more than just our love for our family. We want people to feel as though they have a sense of who we are as individuals.

Or the gallery is mostly art. Really neat concept but I don’t think the art is all by the person displaying it. It comes across as a great concept but lacks warmth.

Then there are the people trying to create the mix. They have it almost right… then they add in the empty frame or something very ornate, or different colored frames, or to make more room they hang something and the rest lean??? It comes across sloppy and not at all what we want.

There is also the ones that make it so monotone it feels cold.

All of these descriptions have pieces correct but they don’t call out to us. Always beautiful in concept but a mess in practice. I’m going to share my plans and let you be the judge if it sounds like something I should attempt.

  1. Rich dark wood ledges. For the sake of my mind let’s say 2 staggered ledges, and a thin sofa table the same stain, simple DIY for this girl. Let’s warm up the fact that we have gray walls and I am going to do all black frames.
  2. We have two large black canvas print maps. Definitely going to place those in the gallery.
  3. I’m still contemplating doing different black frames but I am worried the frames may take away from the overall look, so, for now, I’m going to say I’ll do the speed Frames that they sell for a great price at Hobby Lobby.
  4. I’ll add in mat’s to the frames just to add depth to differing size photography and art.
  5. Etsy is an amazing tool. I’ve already used a wonderful seller who does patent prints. I’ll order a few more and have them shipped. (I have a horrible little printer so I don’t trust the print yourself kind, format.)
  6. Plants!!!!! Candles!!!!! I don’t want too many different trinkets, that’ll make it start to be cluttered I think. So I’m thinking sleek black candlesticks, probably Ikea, and white candles. I do not fear live plants, however, to make sure they look the exact way I want them to all the time, I’ll go with fake plants here. Just a few to freshen up the ledge.
  7. My husband and I gravitate to lifestyle photography over posed. These photos will be either black and white or nothing too bright. We love the idea of mixing color with black and white but don’t want something so vibrant that it makes a garish effect. We prefer softer lighting. I guess that is the best way to put it.
  8. My husband is a tech guy. Sure he knows cars, guitars, and loves to golf, but put him in front of a computer and let him have an idea and he will be lost in the computer for days developing some kind of software, or app. Binary Code has been on my short list to add into our artwork for years. I plan on making my own print with one of our favorite songs in Binary. I’m super excited about this. I want to even include a Binary legend, so people can try to figure out what the song is.
  9. I also found a black metal letter H on a clearance rack several years ago, somewhere. I want to include that as well since it will go so nicely.
  10. Both my husband and I love our faith and I think mixing some classic hymnal sheet music to the mix will round off our Ledge Gallery perfectly, and include my husband’s love for guitars. Again a find on Etsy!

Here is a very comical, rough draft just so you can visualize with me.

Gallery Ledge

Haha! I told you it was bad! Also, all art and photos will be leaning not hovering above the ledge as though by magic.

Can you see it? Do you think I should attempt this? Do you want to steal it and make it for yourself? Let me know below!

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