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My Weird Pregnancy Symptom

Are you all ready to hear the weirdest pregnancy symptom I’m having this summer? I’m not sure a technical name for it, I just know what my husband calls it. He calls it…

“Itchy Butt Fidget”

Please begin laughing, I encourage it. Were it any other person in the world I see dealing with this I’d laugh too. It’s no laugh though and I feel oddly weird and disgusted with it.

I’m largely pregnant during the summer. I had envisioned the stylish pregnant woman, sporting flowy clothing or bump fitting skirts, to show off my proud new status. I’ve been pulling it off well enough but I never expected to have to deal with fidgeting and due to the heat the added bonus of my backside itching so much from sticking to my clothing. It doesn’t matter the type of fabric, or the “tightness” of the fabric, if I sit, it sticks, I itch! I can’t escape it. Even on days when it’s only 80 degrees and a nice cool breeze. If I sit, it sticks, I itch.

I’ll be completely forward and honest with all of you. I have always dealt with itching when it gets too hot outside. It’s not just my backside that suffers but any part of my body, due to having a majority of peach fuzz as my body hair (it doesn’t catch in a razor well), covered by clothing causes an itch if it sticks to my skin. It has always been a minor nuisance. Not pregnancy though! Pregnancy makes it worse, much, much worse!

As women, one thing we can look forward to while pregnant is not being comfortable ever! It causes fidgeting, which only tires us out faster. Dealing with fidgeting alone is enough to drive anyone crazy. I’ve warned a friend who is trying for a child, I hope she takes it to heart because it is no joke. Fidgeting isn’t news to anyone who is pregnant or looking to become pregnant…

Sensitive skin is pretty common as well. Pairing the two together I haven’t heard, or read too much about. Allow me to enlighten you. IT SUCKS!

We had to leave a cookout at a friends house because I couldn’t handle it any longer. No one could understand why we had to leave early when it was nice out; yeah not explaining how I have itchy butt fidget. Once in the car, I looked like a rabid animal trying to get comfortable. As my husband drove us the half hour car ride home I finally angled all the vents down and hiked my legs as high as they would go just trying to relieve the itching to a manageable amount. It was a sight. I’m sure the semi who stopped at a stoplight next to us thought I was insane. My husband was a champ for me the whole time, Lord loves that man! My hero!

Yes, it’s an embarrassing story to be sure but I can’t allow another woman out there to have to experience itchy skin and feel as though she is somehow dirty because she is fidgeting and has sensitive skin. Honey, you aren’t alone! The only solution I have found is sadly a cooler body temperature. Once I cool down my clothing stops sticking and I stop itching. I wish the same could be said for my fidgeting though. That never stops, unless I’m asleep and even then I can’t be too sure.

Update: I have found relief!!! I began to notice a while back that if I bathed, actually sat in a tub full of water, my fidgeting was lessened. Nice little point but not the big surprise. After our lovely outing with our friends, I decided I needed something stronger. In the bath, I decided to add the Epsom salt mixture I have for sore and aching muscles (I had been up and down all day at the cookout). I soaked in the tub for the recommended 30 minutes, bathed then got out and went to bed. The next day I felt refreshed and didn’t fidget! I thought luck of the draw. So I did it again, and again, and again! It’s been two weeks and I can attest that it works! No fidgeting! Click on the link for the specific type of Epsom Salt mix I enjoy using.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus Spearmint, 48 Ounce, Pack of 2

Update On Top Of Update: My OBGYN discovered the problem! It was pretty big too! I was diagnosed with Cholestasis! I had never heard of it and they still have no definitive answers as to what causes it in pregnancy! It is supposed to be in the hands and feet mainly, however mine was largely in well yes, my butt! Legs, hands and feet felt the curse of cholestasis as well but in comparison it wasn’t anything to write home about.

So ladies, please, please, please if you show any signs of itching in your second and third trimester talk to your OBGYN!!!! This is a potentially dangerous thing! My OB played it down, God Bless HER, but you can run the risk of a stillborn baby with it. Once the labs come back with a positive, your OBGYN will schedule an induction. They will deliver your little bundle as soon as you hit full term! I did for both my babies. Because guess what! Statistics say if you have it for one child you are likely to have it for all sub sequential pregnancies. Don’t be too afraid, trust your doctor. Neither of my babies had any issues at birth.

Side Note: A friend from church found out she had it as well when she hit 37 weeks and had her son 2 days later! So please talk to your doctor as soon as you begin to itch! Unless you like surprise inductions.

If you have read my about me page you know then that I’m willing to share all the crazy and yes ugly, embarrassing pregnancy stories I have. If you want to hear my experiences with anything, in particular, please contact me or comment. If I have a story for it I’ll share it. I want everyone to know that pregnancy can do some crazy things to you and you are never alone! I’m here for ya!

I’d love to hear what you have to say about this delightful symptom, or maybe you have a different symptom you’d like to talk about! Let me know! As always, thanks for reading!

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1 thought on “My Weird Pregnancy Symptom”

  1. I’m on my second pregnancy and my naturally sensitive skin is overly sensitive! The clothes that I used to wear feels so rough and I get so many wedgies especially at night. I was able to wear my husband’s boxers during my first pregnancy, but this time around it’s not so fun and comfortable. And I also fidget a lot because it’s so difficult to find a comfortable position, whether I’m sitting or laying down. I have to be constantly moving or else I’ll start swelling up haha. Oh the pregnancy symptoms lol.

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