Burp Cloth, Tutorial, Dual-Sided, Baby, Parenthood, DIY, Homemade, Handmade
DIY, New Parent, Parenthood

DIY Two-Sided Burp Cloths

Baby Feet

I’m not so sure about anyone else out there but I am in love with the idea of homemade items.

I can be picky and at times that can be a problem, however, I find that when things are made for me even if they aren’t my style I love them so much more than the perfect store-bought item.

Loving these handmade items leads me to make gifts rather than buying. Just this past weekend, was a very dear friend’s 30th birthday. I made her a throw blanket that is ‘ode’ to one of her favorite T.V. shows. While I was digging out my sewing box, and my husband was searching through all of the baby gear we have for my machine to make this super simple throw blanket, I came across my box of remnant fabric from all of the past blankets I have made.

The wheels started turning in my head, “I have all this fabric and a lot of it is baby patterns…” I didn’t have enough of any one type of fabric to make our little miracle a baby blanket out of it but I do have some decent sized pieces to make something neat with it, but what?

My husband brought my sewing machine into the dining room for me while I just stared at the box of fabric for a little while longer. It hit me! Snuggle Flannel, the type of fabric I use for making the best throw blankets would make the perfect Burp Cloths!

All I needed was the basic dimensions of the burp cloths and I’d just adapt my throw blanket pattern to the burp cloth! Simple, easy-peasy, get some of this fabric used, declutter, and a huge money saver! Small mom win/dance ensued. Chris loved the idea and suggested I try it.

I made my friend’s blanket, which she loved, and the next day say down and looked up a basic dimension of handmade burp cloths.


It was great! Some of the fabric I paired up (because I wanted to make it dual sides of mixed patterns), and measured out to 19in. I didn’t mind it being a bit longer. All I had to do was measure out the 10in. part.

Now I’m not a big time quilter, nor do I sew on a regular basis. In fact, my sewing machine is pushing about 15 years in age. It was a beginners machine at that. Half the time it will eat the fabric, the reverse stitch action doesn’t work anymore, and I can only use one type of stitch and setting. As I said I’m not by any means impressive with sewing, that is my talented sister who is amazing with a sewing machine.

I say all of that because of a huge fact. I don’t have any real tools for sewing. The fanciest thing I have is a seam ripper. I don’t have a mat to measure things out on and to cut a straight line. I eyeball most of it. My tutorial will not be impressive or fancy. You are gonna get it straight without all the fancy sewing gadgets.

“I have all this fabric and a lot of it is baby patterns…”

What You Will NeedBurp Cloth, Tutorial, Dual-Sided, Baby, Parenthood, DIY, Homemade, Handmade

  1. Thread (because my machine is so junky I do buy better thread so it is less likely to knot while sewing)
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Some Stick Pins
  5. Measuring Tape
  6. The fabric of Choice (I’d suggest more absorbent fabric since these clothes are made to catch vomit)

*I used my leftover remnant fabric from previous projects


  • Take the trusty measuring tape and measure out 10in. along the short side of the fabric remnant. I just took my scissors and made a small cut at the 10in. mark.DSC_1877 (2)
  • Repeat this action along the long side with a measurement of 18in. Again a small cut there as well.
  • Working off of that 18in. mark cut I measure 10in. perpendicular, fold the fabric and add a little cut at that 10in. mark.dsc_1878-2_li.jpg
  • Eye-balling I cut the width of the 10in.
  • Next, I fold the fabric to line up the length of the 18in. And cut in the crease I’ve created. *My edges are not clean but it won’t matter.DSC_1882 (2)
  • Now, I’ll take my other remnant of fabric and pin the cut piece to the remnant. *If you are using a one-sided pattern fabric make sure that the pattern is facing in inside of the sandwich. I cut out the fabric using the first piece as a stencil. Also with it being pinned, I won’t have that step when I go to sew.  Cut however many burp cloths you want to make.dsc_1884-2.jpg
  • Go over to your machine. I set my machine up with the box of stick pins next to the machine so as I remove the pins from the project I just put them away. Also, have the scissors handy.DSC_1886_LI
  • Thread your machine and make sure you have a decent amount of thread in your bobby spool.
  • As I have said my machine only works on one setting and stitch. Setting 1, straight and zig-zag stitch mix. However you feel comfortable, or if you are really good at sewing (why are you reading my tutorial then?), make your settings.
  • Now, let’s line up our fabric. Make sure you have about 1/3 an inch of fabric overhang on the inside of the foot. I suggest starting on a long side of the fabric. (Also for people like me, you are sewing the two pieces together on 3 sides.DSC_1891 (2)_LI
  • I like to line up my fabric with the pointed end of the stick pinpointing at the machine. It makes the removal of the pins very easy as you sew.
  • Once it is all lined up drop the foot down to secure the fabric and start sewing. I’m pretty sure all machines now auto feed… can you tell how little I actually know? You will still need to make sure it sews straight though!
  • When you reach the end of that side save about a 1/2 in. from the end. I make sure the needle is completely punched down through the fabric and I lift the foot to turn the fabric.

DSC_1894_LI dsc_1895_li.jpg dsc_1896-2_li.jpg

  • I’ll drop the foot as soon as I am ready and continue to sew the short end now. Again I want to stop at about 1/2 in from the side, again I keep the needle in the bottom position. Lift the foot and turn the fabric.
  • Sew the Last side (aka side 3).
  • Make sure the needle is completely up and the thread is tight.
  • Your machine may have a thread cutter. If it does, lift the foot and pull the fabric away and lift the project so that the thread runs across the cutting blade. If not just cut the thread.DSC_1901
  • Now take your project and turn it inside out. Now you should see your patterns.DSC_1904 (2)
  • Turn each side of the open end and tuck it inside the pocket you’ve created.DSC_1905 (2)
  • Make sure your thread in your machine is still all set to begin sewing again.
  • It’ll be tight but slide your open side under the foot, again about 1/2 an inch extra.

DSC_1906      DSC_1908 (2)        DSC_1910

  • Drop the foot and now sew all the way across to the opposite end. Again cut off the extra.
  • You now have a finished Burp Cloth.

Burp Cloth, Tutorial, Dual-Sided, Baby, Parenthood, DIY, Homemade, Handmade

* With all fabrics that will be in contact with a newborn or infant, make sure to wash your project before touching it to your baby.

This is really super simple. I can knock out 4 burp cloths in a half hour, with a terrible little sewing machine. So if you have a baby on the way, Already have your bundle of joy, or know someone having a baby, these are great little gifts and from what I am told you will need a ton of burp cloths.

Please share with me your finished pieces, or feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for reading!


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