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The Oddities of Pregnancy


There are so many things I was not warned about when becoming pregnant for the first time. I hope this list of oddities that I have faced will help you in planning for a baby or simply reassuring you that you are normal.

  1. Gases- Oh the gases!


  • The types- any orifice that gas can be released from will be. It may not always smell but you will just have to accept that it will happen. It’ll be a million times worse if you have indigestion with anything.
  • How often- There are no limits to how often you will battle this each day. Sadly, my gas was also tied to my indigestion. I couldn’t enjoy my favorite foods such as salads, or pregnancy safe sushi anymore. Any uncooked veggies left me passing gas every way possible.
  • Is there relief- I was able to quail part of my gaseous exchange. It also helped with indigestion in part. 8 oz. of water and half a lemon squeezed into the water. Down it!
  • Which trimester is the worst- I’m now in my third trimester and I can say that the first was the worst! I still have it and don’t even feel shame from the gases anymore. The faster you accept that your body is producing so much more progesterone and other chemicals that will make you gassy, the better for you.
  1. Glow What!

Pregnancy, Pregnant, Fidget, Uncomfortable

  • What exactly that glow is- Glowing is just sweat. Over time the expression has changed to fit anyone who feels happy during pregnancy, but in truth that glow you may have could just be sweat. You probably won’t want to tell anyone that though.
  • Not everyone glows- I’d have loved to glow. It wasn’t in the cards for me though. I had horrible acne and developed pregnancy eczema. So not only did I not glow, but I suffered horrible breakouts my first trimester, and then looked like I had an infectious disease on the side of my mouth. (Eczema is not a bad thing, I’m saying the placement of mine makes it look like something else entirely)
  • Mindset maybe? Maybe not? Circling back up to the second point here in #2. I’ve been told I am glowing, when I am taking a selfie, with a filter, wearing makeup, and truly happy. It’s up to you to decide whether you are actually glowing. If like me you embrace that highlighter to achieve that pregnancy glow, I won’t tell a soul if you don’t.
  1. Baby isn’t in one position the whole time

Black and White Baby Feet

  • They know no boundaries- If it’s inside your body, you no longer have a say in what happens. Babies affect everything inside a woman’s body. Brain, emotion, ovaries, bladder, spine… let’s just say the whole abdomen is included in this list. You will be affected. Good news, some of you may not experience it too badly and good for you! I had a bad go of my emotions. Other’s will have a bad go with Pregnancy Brain. You may also gain a ton of weight. The baby will do whatever they need to survive, it’s a reason I have adopted my OBGYN’s term of, parasite. I love my little parasite to pieces, it doesn’t change the fact that baby knocked me right out, took all of my nutrients, and caused my blood sugar to bottom out.
  • Feeling baby before the first kick- It’ll be weird. That first movement you feel is going to surprise you and make you question if it was real until baby starts kicking up a storm. It’s powerful and beautiful. Don’t be afraid. That little munchkin just wants to reassure you that he or she is there.
  • They can be a real pain… Beautiful or not, my parasite kicks up a storm. Not on demand and not on camera, sneaky little one, but oh boy do I get so much movement. I’ve had a few painful kicks, but luckily so far mostly just shocks when it happens. Or a jab straight to the bladder that makes me have to stop moving for a moment, so I don’t pee my pants!
  1. We’ve been made some big promises


  • Burdened with hair that isn’t growing- My hair never grows. I was under the impression that it would grow while pregnant. I had always been told that my hair will grow like wildflowers when I get pregnant. 3rd trimester and I’m still waiting. After looking into it further, a lot of women lose hair during pregnancy. False Advertisement, my friends!
  • Isn’t my acne supposed to disappear- I said this earlier but just like my hair, I had been given false hopes and dreams. I want to prepare all of you ladies with the truth. It doesn’t happen for all of us. I found a few weeks relief in my second trimester, but it’s already making a big return in my third trimester. Don’t beat yourself up if like me you get the short end of the stick.
  • What feeling of being beautiful- love my maternity style, but that isn’t what I am talking about here. I am talking about feeling beautiful. I just don’t. When my makeup is done, hair is perfect, and clothing is wonderfully accenting this miracle parasite, I should feel beautiful right? Wrong! I’m fidgety, I can’t get comfortable, this clothing irritates my skin, I’m overly hot, I take the time to get ready and then I need a nap because I’m so tired from getting ready. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing just accept you may not feel beautiful. Good thing our husbands and friends are there to tell us how beautiful we are.
  1. You are in for a wild ride on your taste buds


  • You may not have extreme cravings- I didn’t. I had steady continuing cravings. I never wanted pickles and ice cream. I only wanted my favorite foods: Mexican, Chocolate, Sushi, Salads, Hot tea, Coffee, etc. I guess I was blessed that way. If you aren’t you will have some great stories to tell!
  • Your once favorite foods may not settle anymore- I said this in the first point, and I’ll say it again, it sucks getting indigestion from some of my favorite foods, and not being able to eat any of them. Don’t be surprised if you suffer the same.
  • Having taste bud nostalgia? There was one time that I had an unusual, for me, craving. Our child brought shame into our home by making me crave a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s. I haven’t eaten there in years. I gave in once and never had that nostalgia again.
  • Can you really eat that? So many things that we were once told we can’t have, not really that bad. Just be smart and pay attention to the required degree of heat for most foods. Sure, you still have to avoid fish with a high mercury content, and steak is best just to order well done since the sitting time can cool it too much, also deli meats still just avoid, anything else is pretty much in the clear. Go by what your doctor tells you though. I’m not a doctor and I do not have a degree in anything that will benefit your pregnancy, I only know what I have been advised on.
  • You can have too much of a good thing- Oh this is too familiar. One of my first signs of being pregnant was that I only wanted to drink sweet tea. I drank it until I couldn’t stomach another sweet tea. Then I started craving my Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato. Starbucks offers decaf espresso so, I got one every day, while I was working at my old job. Sometimes twice. Until I couldn’t handle it anymore. Since then I have only wanted my Hot Tea every morning, I’m happy to say I haven’t tired of that yet and I only have ten more weeks to go. The same goes for food. I couldn’t touch French fries for the majority of my second trimester. The first trimester, French fries were my only side option at lunch. I couldn’t do a salad, and mixed fruit had a lot of fruits I don’t like. French fries were it. I couldn’t even handle saying the words let alone smelling the food. Oh, it was bad. Next was pizza rolls. I was nauseous often at dinner time and didn’t want to cook. My husband doesn’t cook. So, I had to do heat and eats or eat out, I wasn’t wanting Wendy’s anymore because of the F.F.’s. I made Pizza Rolls for about a month straight for dinner. Until it made me ill. So yes, you can have too much of something.

Even though this is just a short list I hope you now are armed a little better when expecting. All bets are off and the child will take what they need, and you are already left chasing after them. Oh, and I figured out the having to get up all night long to use the restroom… Completely preparing you for sleepless nights once the baby is here! So, don’t frown at it, your body is just preparing you for the next 18 years!

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