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I’m Not A Minimalist

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I say this statement fully aware I am on my way to becoming more minimalistic. However, I feel the term dictates a decor style that is too rigid to count myself a part of. I do enjoy using some pieces to add a bit of character to our lives. I love photography and have pictures everywhere. I don’t want to sacrifice them because I want a home that is easier to clean, or that feels more spacious. I want our home to still reflect those that live inside; without the hindrance of ‘stuff’ that has no meaning.

Cozy Minimalism, Minimal, Style, Cozy, Couch, HomeI have read on several blogs the term, Cozy Minimalism. It’s probably what I am closest to. From what I have read it bases itself on what you love. Being intentional about each piece and deciding if you love it or not. You aren’t throwing out everything that best describes you, or is completely your style. You are cutting down on the things that…

-Go with your decor but you don’t love.

-At one time you did love but now it reminds you of a bygone era of your home.

-All the things you have accumulated have made your home a mish-mash at best.

These are just some examples that I have found to be true in our home. Our guest room has become a storage space for all those styles that we do not feel reflect us anymore. Because of the overabundance of ‘stuff’, it has made this transition into changing that room to a nursery that much more difficult.

There are different ways you can go about changing these ‘issues’ should you view them that way. Here are three different idea’s to help you achieve a “Cozy Minimalist” style…

  • Massive Purge/Dump
  • Room by room examination
  • Donations Box


mask, Purge,

The Purge

All decor is available for ejection from your home for the next 24 hours. This is a way that seems quite popular when it comes to decluttering, and minimalizing homes. A purge or dump day is when you go through your home and anything that does not immediately jump out as love, or functional, you get rid of. For my household, we have heirlooms that we need to be mindful of. This makes our purging happen on much smaller scales.


Examination, Minimal

The Examination 

A systematic approach to the purge. Mindfully asking yourself if each item in a specific room is something you cannot live without. If the answer isn’t, “I can’t live without you!” then it is bye bye birdie! This can take much longer than a purge or dump day. Depending on the size of your home, how many rooms, and the amount of ‘stuff’ you have.


Donate, Donations, Clothing, Giving, Help


This one is a very slow process. You have a box, basket, whatever, you choose and as you come across something in your home that doesn’t suit you anymore, you add it to the box. Once it is full you take it to your community donations center. This one is really cool because you can use it in either of the other two plans; or you can slowly weed through the things that do not bring you joy.

I love the idea as there is always someone, somewhere needing what we have just laying around.


I personally like a mixture of the 3. When I know something needs to be tackled I will buckle down and get as much done right away as possible. I like to have my goals in place and my timelines finished before I reach the goal date. Because of this, a purge works wonders. The easy things that have accumulated are easy to gather and dispose of or donate. I just make seperate piles to go through. Dispose, Donate, Make sure the Husband doesn’t want/need it. At the end of the purge I toss anything that isn’t for my husband or going to be donated.

Once the easy purge is out of the way I examine what is left. As I have mentioned above we have heirlooms; my grandmother’s china for example. I love it, I won’t get rid of it, but I have nowhere to display it, for the moment. This calls for storing something of this nature. I’ll continue to move through the room examining everything and deciding if I am holding onto an item out of truth, or dillusion. Such as those chunky white ceramic pillar candle holders that I got on clearence at the dollar store. I have noticed for the past year that I am just looking for a place to stick them. I should either store them with the Christmas decor (I do use them in my Christmas decor often), or donate them to someone who will love them.

Luckily, donations are a beautiful thing. I have read that every clutter free home has a donations box or basket somewhere. I love the idea as there is always someone, somewhere needing what we have just laying around. I just bought a large packing cardboard box and filled it with all of my shoes that I no longer wear, purses and bags I don’t use, belts, and some small decor. I filled the box quickly but I knew I would. Nothing I am getting rid of is truly in horrible shape and someone else could benifit greatly from them. Now I have a small basket sitting in our bed room and I have told my husband that it is for anything he’d like to donate. He has shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore, some belts, etc. Once the basket is full, I’ll put it in a bag and take it to be donated.

I’m not sure about everyone else out there but I am in a season of Minimalism. Just not that minimalistic…

How about you? Do you have the minimalism bug? Maybe you think the Cozy Minimalist fits your personality? Please share!



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