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Epic Parenting Fails & DIY

Crafting SuppliesY’all I cannot begin to describe my terror and shame the other day. I thought being a mother to my daughter was rough; like raising my husband rough! They have identical personalities. SMH! Let’s add in my oh so sweet two month old son… no matter how sweet he is, mix that with a super sassy one and a half year old and it spells disaster!

As I said the other day the most epic parenting fails of all time went down. Understanding my children’s personalities is a factor in this story. Due to the maniacal and devious personality of my daughter I have to be on my toes at all time. All mess making implements are kept very far out of reach and hidden from sight (if she sees them she will find a way to get to them), remotes, controllers, cell phones, water bottles, pacifiers, you name it has to be hidden if she can’t have it unsupervised. This day I happened to be doing some work and taking notes.

Enter my son, sweet innocent snuggle bug of a little guy. His snuggles can put you to sleep in under two minutes. His version of crying isn’t even normal baby crying, it’s much softer (still difficult to handle when paired with his sisters’ antics). He snuggles so well, and already at two months does a version of hugging. It makes you want to melt, it makes you want to curl up with him and nap!

Now, let’s add me into this dynamic mix. Sleep deprived, non-caffeinated, needs to start dinner, me. I have a daughter crying for something (probably for me to play Frozen), my son has begun to give his little cry for food, and thankfully the dog isn’t demanding to go outside for once!

Our scene is set! I get everything for work set aside, grab the burp cloth, and scoop up my son to let him breastfeed. My daughter runs around and decides to stop bothering me; something she thankfully does so brother can eat in peace. He finishes eating and I begin to burp him. Next thing I know, I’m waking up to a warm little body snuggled into my chest, and a very quiet house…

The dreaded quiet! Luckily, my daughter is sitting on the floor with her back to me playing with some paper… How’d she get paper? I start to take account of the room around me… Curtains are still attached to the wall, pillows are still on the couch, and the white chair looks… LIKE A ONE YEAR OLD GOT AHOLD OF AN INK PEN AND SCRIBBLED ALL OVER IT WHILE HER MOTHER SLEPT!!!!


I fell asleep and my evil mastermind child crawled up next to me and stole my ink pen and colored all over the white chair cushion and all of my notes, without waking me!

Parenting Fail #1– I fell asleep

Parenting Fail #2– I didn’t put away the temptations

Now on to my DIY

I had to get this chair cleaned! We don’t have the money to just replace an extra large chair that goes to a discontinued furniture set. I’ve luckily gotten a java Frappuccino out of the chair before so hopefully I can do this too! Maybe I can get it done before my husband gets home? Spoiler alert, I ended up calling and telling him, and no I didn’t get it done before he got home.


Here I am trying to clean the cushion while keeping my son asleep bouncing him in his bouncer (Don’t try this at home)

I took to Pinterest and put several sets of directions together to try and get the ink pen out.

You’ll need:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone Nail Polish Remover (CLEAR)

Cotton Balls or white towels

An eye dropper or baby medicine syringe

The Directions:

  1. img_3989It’s really very easy! I took the cushion cover off so that the ink didn’t bleed into the cushion and show through the cleaned fabric.
  2. I used the syringe and filled it with Hydrogen Peroxide, then used it to outline the ink in one spot. You do this to stop the ink from spreading when it is introduced to the wet alcohol.img_3992
  3. Next take the towel or cotton ball and dip it in the alcohol or nail polish remover. Start in one corner and dab the ink. Keep dabbing to lift what you can, turn the towel or cotton ball to keep from displacing the ink.img_3993
  4. Begin to scrub once it stops lifting from dabbing.
  5. Scrub until gone.img_3994
  6. You may want to wash the spot with mild soap or throw it in the laundry to get the smell out and keep little hands and mouths from the harmful chemicals.

That’s it! I don’t have a finished look for you as I ran out of remover and didn’t have any rubbing alcohol. So I flipped the cushion until I can finish the job.

Parenting Fail #3– Not keeping enough cleaning solution on hand.

I hope you can all learn from my epic parenting fails today… especially if you have white furniture. There is hope and not all is lost if your toddler decides that your cushions should be their next canvas.

Have grace mama’s, and if you aren’t a parent, have a good laugh at my expense.


A Modern Mama with Grace

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