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Under Construction


Hey everyone! If you are new to my site then things may not exactly seem simpatico. I’m working on it! I can’t believe I let others dictate my voice for so long and make me feel as though I had to adhere to their standards of what I should produce. It really made me walk away for a long while from writing, really big sad face here.

Please know, I’m dedicated to sharing my life and my journey with you all in my own voice, rambling and all. You’ll see, I tend to do that. I’ll continue to add as I realign, and rebrand and once I feel I am ready we can all celebrate together with a “Re-Launch” of my blog!

Thank you all for your patience during this transition, and for putting up with me. I may re-write some old posts, or even do away with some. Truth is I’m letting me out of my cage and trusting in the One who directs my every path to guide me to share what I need to share.

I hope y’all are ready for stories about: my crazy kids antics, my journey through some of the craziest life stories out there, some DIY’s, my love of baking and cooking, my passion for interior design and the work I am doing with my husband to make it a reality! I even hope to share some of my faith with you all, without shoving it down the throats of those of you whom may not believe as I do. I ask for grace and acceptance there.

As Always Signed,

A Modern Mama with Grace


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