Motherless Mother’s Day

My mama during one of her chemo treatments I see it everywhere. Mother’s Day paraphernalia littering mailers and commercials. You’d think as a mother of three I would look forward to it every year; and I do, however, it is a day tinged with sadness. My mother passed 5 years ago. She battled cancer and… Continue reading Motherless Mother’s Day

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The Oddities of Pregnancy

There are so many things I was not warned about when becoming pregnant for the first time. I hope this list of oddities that I have faced will help you in planning for a baby or simply reassuring you that you are normal. Gases- Oh the gases! The types- any orifice that gas can be… Continue reading The Oddities of Pregnancy

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My Weird Pregnancy Symptom

Are you all ready to hear the weirdest pregnancy symptom I'm having this summer? I'm not sure a technical name for it, I just know what my husband calls it. He calls it... "Itchy Butt Fidget" Please begin laughing, I encourage it. Were it any other person in the world I see dealing with this… Continue reading My Weird Pregnancy Symptom